I will work for you to:

  • attract and create good paying jobs, including green jobs
  • make our City the solar energy capital of the nation
  • protect Police, Fire and EMS services
  • end patronage jobs to cut taxes
  • establish curbside recycling
  • protect our waterfront from oil drilling


Please check back a day or two for the highlights of tonights (10-6-09, 7pm) forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  This will be live on city TV and replayed at a later date as well.  It will also available on via city website, www.stpete.org.

Leonard's Web Project:  www.MailMyPetition.com, If you are politically active please sign up to recieve a hardcopy of petitions to change the cities Charter, and our newsletter,  this is for St. Petersburg and Statewide initiative issues.

Get to know Leonard Schmiege a little bit by watching his videos that can be found on Leonard Schmiege's Youtube site.


Paid for and Approved by Leonard Schmiege, non partisan candidate, for City Council District 8